Lock-Down, Level 3 Regulations stipulate that the real estate industry should stay safe

16th Jun 2020

All Estate Agents are now permitted to return to work under level 3 lock-down regulations.


Regulation 46 of the Regulations as provided for in section 27 of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 (DMA) as publicised on the 28th of May 2020 in the Government Gazette Notice, number 43364 now allows businesses and other institutions to operate except for those set out in Table 2. Estate Agents are not listed in Table 2 and can therefore operate.




There are however a few obstacles that stand in the way of business as usual.


The regulations stipulate that you may operate, however, the following should be in place:


  1. Relevant health protocols and social distancing measures must be adhered to;
  2. The return to the workplace must be staggered to ensure that the workplace is ready and to avoid traffic congestion during peak travel times as a result of the return to work;
  3. Practices must be implemented to screen Employees daily for symptoms of COVID-19;
  4. Employees who display symptoms of COVID-19 should be referred for testing;
  5. Data collected during screening should be submitted to the Director-General: Health.


Regulation 47 of the regulations in terms of the DMA states that businesses permitted to operate must designate a COVID-19 officer. This person has to oversee that the health and safety protocols are implemented and that all employees adhere to the standards of hygiene and health protocols relating to COVID-19.


It is also important to develop a plan commonly known as a risk assessment plan, which should contain the following information:


  1. The employees who are permitted to work;
  2. What are the plans for the phased-in return of employees;
  3. What health protocols are in place to protect employees from COVID-19; and
  4. The details of the COVID-19 compliance officer.


Estate Agents should take these steps to ensure that clients keep a safe distance of at least one and a half meters from each other and that all directions in respect of health protocols and social distancing measures are complied with.


Safety is key.



Hilde Eksteen