Our specialised Conveyancing & Estates Department provides the following services

  • The negotiation and preparation of sale agreements for all forms of commercial and residential properties.
  • The transfer of residential and commercial properties arising as a result of sale agreements, deceased estates, Voluntary Liquidations and Liquidations in terms of an Order of Court.
  • The registration of Bonds over immovable properties, which provide security for loans granted by Financial Institutions, and similarly the cancellation of such Bonds once the Loan has been settled in full.
  • Registration of the Sub-division and/or Consolidation of property.
  • Applications for lost deeds, name changes, endorsements and Certificates of Registered Title.
  • Registrations relating to Sectional Titles including the registration of Sectional Title Schemes, changes in scheme rules and the registration of Real Rights of Extension;
  • Township developments etc.
  • Full Administration and finalisation of a Deceased Estate including, reporting the Estate to the relevant Master, obtaining the Letters of Executorship, communicating with the various creditors of the Deceased, facilitating the collection of monies due to the Estate and the payment of creditors as well as drafting the Final Liquidation and Distribution Account and necessary advertisements.


We provide services as Correspondent Attorneys for a large number of attorneys from all over South Africa.

We are situated within the area of jurisdiction of the following courts:

  • Kagiso Regional / Magistrates Court
  • Krugersdorp Magistrates Court; and
  • Roodepoort Regional / Magistrates Court

We attend to all correspondent work, such as, but not limited to:

  • Issuing of Summonses, Applications and other court process
  • Delivery of documents at the relevant sheriff’s offices
  • Obtaining Default Judgments
  • Issuing of Warrants of Execution
  • Institution of financial enquiries
  • Service and filing of documents
  • Uplifting of documents, and files
  • Attendance to court queries
  • Indexing and Pagination
  • Drawing Bills of Cost
  • Attending Taxations;
  • Civil Court appearances
  • Attending creditors meetings


We attend to civil and commercial litigation on behalf of individual and commercial clients in the following courts:

  • Magistrates Courts
  • Regional Courts
  • High Courts
  • Land Claims Court
  • Supreme Court of Appeal

When attending to litigation we provide guidance in respect of all requirements of the litigation process for clients and take care of all procedural steps required to bring such litigation to finality, whilst keeping clients appraised of developments and the status of the litigation.


As notaries our services include, amongst others the preparation, execution, and attestation of the following:

  • Long term Lease agreements;
  • Ante-nuptial contracts;
  • Certain forms of security or Cessions;
  • Documentation required for official use abroad.


We provide counsel and representation in all areas of Family Law, which include, but not limited to:

  • Divorce
  • Division of property
  • Child and Spousal Maintenance
  • Parental Rights & Responsibilities,
  • Visitation Rights


  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements for transfer of shares and membership interest in Companies and Close Corporations.
  • Negotiation and preparation of agreements of sale and transfer of businesses.
  • Interpretation of Agreements.
  • Debt Collection for private and corporate entities.